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Writing Portfolio
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     After graduating art school with a degree in animation, I somehow fell into abstract painting and fiction writing. Like everything else in my life, the sports-writing thing wasn’t planned either. It started as a blog composed of my commentary on news in and around Boston. I figured at the very least, it would keep me writing on a regular basis-and maybe, if I was lucky, add a little credibility to my resume while I continued my quest to entice a publisher with one of my novels.


After a couple months, I noticed a theme in my work: it was all sports, and amazingly enough, people were actually reading it. Things progressed rapidly- I've written for a number of sites, and I also write about Bruins prospects for Hockey’s Future. It’s a bit different from where I thought I’d be back when I was raising hell at RISD-but I can’t complain the way things have worked out.




Birthdate: October 5th
Place of Birth: Cape Cod, Mass
High School: Nauset
College: Rhode Island School of Design
Residence: Somewhere is south central Mass
Family,Pets,kids, you name it: Yeah, I got that